David F. Hoinski, CEO

David F. Hoinski is the founder, President and CEO of Studium Consulting. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a MPhil in modern philosophy from KU Leuven in Belgium. He works in multiple areas of philosophy and has given presentations at the University of Notre Dame, the University of California, San Diego, North Idaho College and others. He has published articles on ancient and modern philosophy and is currently finishing a book on the role of autobiography in philosophy.


Preston Stovall, Education Research and Consulting

Preston Stovall is an academically trained philosopher, with a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh, who has published on metaphysics, the philosophy of language, professional ethics, American pragmatism, and German idealism.  He is currently researching the history of philosophy in America, with particular emphasis on changing conceptions of philosophy in higher education at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the place of philosophy in American higher education today, and the impact of philosophical instruction in primary and secondary education.


Justin Humphreys, Education Research and Consulting

Justin Humphreys is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. He graduated from the New School for Social Research in 2016, where his dissertation on Aristotle’s conception of imagination won the Hans Jonas Award. The dissertation argues that for Aristotle the imagination plays a constitutive role in practical and geometrical reasoning. Humphreys’ area of specialization is in ancient philosophy. However, while his research is historical in scope, its goal is to pose novel questions to major philosophical texts. In doing so, he addresses issues in perception, geometrical reasoning, and moral psychology that are debated today. Humphreys teaches in a variety of areas, from biomedical ethics and social philosophy to epistemology and philosophy of mind. He is also currently working on a project to offer high-quality instruction in philosophy to elementary school students.