Matheia Society Study

The Matheia Society contracted Studium to write a research report on the role of philosophy in the contemporary American university. This report, to be published Fall 2017, focuses on the central function of philosophical questions within every college and discipline. It aims to encourage greater interaction and collaboration between the various disciplines and argues that philosophy can, and ought to, play a leading role in facilitating such collaboration for the sake of the general intellect.

Philosophy for Children Pilot Program

Studium developed a course on philosophy for children, which ran at Woolslair Elementary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during May and June of 2017. The course used stories to introduce philosophical concepts of appearance versus reality, disagreement due to differences in perspective, analogy, and explanation as opposed to justification. Employing an approach to learning as a community of inquiry, the course sought to foster higher-level thinking, questioning, and social skills in fourth grade students.  Read more here.